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Orthopedic Interlocking Nail
If you want to treat lone bone fracture, then you definitely need orthopedic interlocking nail. Femoral and unstable tibial fractures can be treated using these interlocking nails in a surgery.
Bone Screw
Our company supplies fully threaded cortex screw with less inner to outer diameter ratio. This bone screw is meant to be used for cortical bones. Customers can buy this screw in different sizes, for instance 2.7 mm and 4.5 mm 20 TPI.
Hip System
Hip system category includes plates that are used for different hip fractures to promote stable internal fixation. These plates made from SS and titanium are of high strength.
External Fixator
Get this external fixator device from us for your health care facility. This device will be required when a person with fractured bone will visit for treatment. This device can stabilize and align the fractured bone.
Headless Screw
Buy from us headless screw for the purpose of bone fixation. The insertion and removal of this screw is easy, given to the presence of self-tapping and reverse cutting flutes on both ends.
Orthopedic Instrument
Here is a range of orthopedic instrument that are required during the surgery. The instrument mainly are  handy instrument which can be used for the treatment of abnormalities. Surgeons can use these SS instruments multiple times after properly cleaning and sterilizing them.
Cervical Peek Cage
Cervical PEEK cage is a device which can be used at a single level in the anterior cervical spine. Cervical PEEK cage with screw comes with a two screw midline configuration. The professional must use it carefully to prevent bending or breakage of this cage.
Elevator Equipment
Get PMPL elevator equipment on the basis of your elevator/ lift fabrication and assembly requirement. There are many equipment in the range that are needed to function different tasks. All equipment work together to operate the elevator.
Orthopedic Locking Screw
Use orthopedic locking screw to fix small fragment locking plates. Our company supplies this kind of screw in two different sizes to meet the requirement. Titanium is used for the production of this screw.
Bone Plate
From implant reconstruction straight plate to cloverleaf plate, find a variety of bone plates to be used along with screws to share load and restore anatomical alignment.
Spine Cage
Orthopedic spine cage in the offering can be purchased in two different designs and sizes. The uses of this device are the treatment of spinal tumors, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, etc.

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